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博士之日 博士之日
  1. 肖申克的救赎
  2. 神探夏洛克:最后的誓言
  3. 二战全史
  4. 教父

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拣选 拣选
  1. Aspirants
  2. SCAM 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story
  3. 绝命毒师 第一季
  4. 荒野大镖客:救赎

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WayVision WayVision
  1. The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs Season 1
  2. 假唱大比拼 第二季
  3. Best of the Worst Season 1
  4. 2015年英国皇家大汇演

武士杰克 第五季 (2017) (TV36)

9.4/10 1,453
武士杰克 第五季
类型 动作 / 科幻 / 动画
地区 美国
语言 英语
上映日期 2017-03-11
季数 5
IMDb号 tt5243584

分集 (TV36)

自从我们上次见到Samurai Jack已有50年了,时间对他来说并不友善。每次门户网站,Aku都会销毁,而Jack停止老化,这是时间旅行的副作用。似乎他被诅咒要在整个永恒的土地上漫游。他的过去困扰着他,还有一群热衷于杀害他以赢得Aku荣耀的刺客。

剧照 (TV36)

武士杰克 第五季 武士杰克 第五季 武士杰克 第五季 武士杰克 第五季 武士杰克 第五季 武士杰克 第五季 武士杰克 第五季 武士杰克 第五季 武士杰克 第五季 武士杰克 第五季

影评 (TV36)

The journey continues...
This review will not contain any spoilers or story elements. Why is that? Because in my opinion, it was never the overall story that made Samurai Jack really great. It was good and provided the show a nice tone, but still, what made this series become one of the most well known animated shows was its unique execution.
游客评论 Sun Sep 13 2020
A great start for and old cartoon
I might be a little biased here, since I have watched Samurai Jack so much on CN when I was a kid, but this 1st episode really took off to a great start. In some ways its even better than the old seasons, because the theme its a little bit more mature (Adult Swim, duh), and I love that the style of animation is the same. If you were a fan of Samurai Jack as a kid, you will def like this very much. I personally cant wait for the new episodes.
游客评论 Sun Sep 13 2020
Jack is back with 10000 charged voltage
I was skeptical when it was announced that samurai jack will be coming back after my nightmares of watching reboots of beloved shows such as powerpuff girls and teen titans going horribly wrong. But Genndy Tartakovsky's idea to bring back samurai jack with season 5 not only evokes the nostalgia of the 2000s with its stunning action set pieces and visual storytelling, but it ups the game by improvising the animation to the nth degree while keeping its spirit intact. True, Adult Swim producing the show has made it the more dark and grim by delving deep into Jack's psyche as shown in the trailer. But that's how Samurai Jack was always meant to be--To showcase the undying spirit of a true warrior. Jack might not be home yet, but the show truly is! Kudos Tartakovsky and his team!
游客评论 Sun Sep 13 2020

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